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Open source has been a game-changer for us all, it’s even crucial for software developers. I mean none between us can say he never used open-sourced things.

Sometimes we feel like we can add our piece to the puzzle but for some reason we don’t, I’ve been doing little open source since the start of my career but today I wanted to create my own NPM package … if you read this article maybe you want to follow that route too.

Let me tell you it’s easy to create an NPM package, but not easy to…

Avoiding NPE

Safely toString a Java object

This article was originally posted here.


In this little article, we will see how to get the string representation(tostring) of an object cautiously, that means avoiding NullPointerException.


Getting the String representation of a Java object is something we often do for logging, debugging, or simply for overview purpose.

For a null object we will be directed to a NullPointerException, as the toString is using the fields of the object.

A catch up of this without even check for nullity before is just by using the String.valueOf(object)method instead of directly using object.toString().

Here is the content of String.valueOf generated by IntelliJ:

More info on AngularJs wrappers. This article was originally posted here. The full source code is available over on GitHub.


AngularJs is one of the widely used open sources front-end framework because of its good architecture in place, the extensibility, a lot of interesting features and the big community too.

In this short article, we’re going to showcase with a simple example why it’s sometimes better to use AngularJS’s inbuilt global objects and services instead of native ones.

Why using angular wrappers?

AngularJs applications are benefiting from some great functionalities, instead of just using those necessary for frontend architecture as an AngularJs lover I…

A small starter app built with MEAN2 and socket.io

This article was originally posted here

The source code has been updated to use Angular 5.


Build a simple real-time application that you can use as a starter to do what you want with MEAN2(MongoDB, Express, Angular2 & NodeJS), within the project will also be Socket.io, Typescript and Angular-material2.

After having worked with Angular2 and socket.io I faced some challenges that motivated me to build a simple starter project that I will reuse every times if need be.

I suppose that you already know the power of Ajax to build SPA application. …

A beginner’s guide for beginners

This article was originally posted here

Before The Outset

I’ve never been good enough to make complex manipulations on data but to writing algorithms and build web applications a big Yes.


→ This is not a guide to be a full Data Science Engineer, I’m just sharing what I started with in this field.

This is not a unique path too.

Instead, you can consider it as one start study plan for those coming from Software Development and want to be Junior Data Science engineer.

The voice of a beginner for others beginners. :)

What is Data Science?

Data science is a multidisciplinary blend of…

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